Mistercash Casino

Are you looking for a way to play safely in an online casino with Mistercash? A way in which you can finally take a gamble as a Belgian player? Then a casino with Mister Cash is the solution. Mister Cash is the solution to make secure and online payments. Mistercash works together with the following banks on a secure payment solution for the Belgian online casino player: Dexia, Fortis, ING, FINTRO, KBC, CBC, Axa Bank and VDK. Payment via Mister Cash is always done through your own banking environment. This means you can always make a secure payment and you don’t have to worry about security during the payment.

Payment via Mistercash in the special Mistercash casinos works almost the same as with a credit card. During the payment, just like with a credit card payment, you must enter your card number and expiry date. The second phase of your payment with Mister Cash is the same as you are used to via internet banking. This means you don’t have to bother with creating an e-wallet account or applying for a credit card. With Mistercash you can always pay directly and you only need a bank account. The big advantage of Mister Cash is that you always and everywhere have an overview of your payments. A payment with Mister Cash is directly debited from your bank account. This way, you won’t be shocked at the end of the month with the bill for, for example, your credit card. Payments are always made immediately with mister cash. So you don’t have to wait to play an online casino game, but after you have made a transfer you can start playing immediately.

Recently, more and more Belgians are starting to play in online casinos. Because the casinos also want Belgian players to be able to gamble online, special Mister Cash casinos have been created. These casinos with Mistercash are designed in such a way that every Belgian can easily and securely make payments with Mistercash. The advantage of casino Mister Cash is that you can often make a quick payment. So you don’t have to wait long for a payment to be credited. This allows you to immediately start playing in a casino with Mister Cash.

A casino with Mister Cash is often very extensive, so that there are sometimes more than a hundred different online casino games. You can often have a lot of fun at these casino games for only € 1. With a payment method such as Mister Cash at an online casino you can often decide for yourself what amount you transfer. The minimum amount if you pay with Mister Cash is often € 10. With other payment methods, this amount is often much higher. In addition, the transaction costs when paying with Mister Cash in a casino are often low or even completely free. Some Mistercash casinos even encourage using Mistercash. If you make a payment with Mistercash you often get 10% bonus money. Which gives you extra play money by playing in a Mistercash casino.

Many Belgians are still afraid to take the step to play in an online casino. This is often the reason that the players are afraid for their own safety. They are afraid that their payment details will fall into the wrong hands or that they will never see the money again despite winning a lot of money. The Mistercash casinos on this website guarantee security. For example, the payment in a casino with Mister Cash is always carried out in the safe environment of your own bank. This means you never have to worry that your payment details or ban details will end up in the wrong hands. The Mistercash casinos on this website also all have the guarantee that your money is guaranteed to be paid out. Unfortunately, Mistercash itself does not have the option to pay out the money won, but most casinos with Mistercash offer a bank transfer as an option. Within a few days your won money will be in your bank account after you have placed the order.